Saturday, August 1, 2009

Super Summer Swap Fun!

Bekah's Super Summer Swap package arrived a few days ago. We were so excited to get it! Bekah opened it right away and went through all the surprises. She was thrilled to hear it was from Sawyer and was interested in seeing the adorable note and pictures he sent.

Inside our swap package was: Hair Clips with cute animals on them, some Barney flashcards, a piece of art made by Sawyer, a few sheets of stickers, Dora the Explorer bubbles, a homemade little notebook with the letter B (for Bekah, of course) on it, the cutest dry erase butterfly book with the letters of the alphabet inside to trace, and dry erase markers to go along. Bekah was so excited to receive this and dove right into the stickers. Actually, the ladybug stickers are missing from the picture because she already used them.

Here she is enjoying the bubbles that came in her package.

Her and Daddy had a good time playing with these!

Bekah also loved the butterfly dry erase book. She liked tracing the letters and telling me what words started with each letter.

Having fun!

She did this over and over again.

"Thank you, Sawyer!"
You can check out our Super Summer Swap partners blog HERE
Super Summer Swap was held by Superheroes and Princesses and Life of a Dairy Queen. Thanks ladies!


  1. We're so glad that you liked everything! We had a lot of fun putting everything together for her :)

  2. What a great package! I love the butterfly dry erase book - my daughter would go crazy for that! Thank you for participating in the swap!