Thursday, August 13, 2009

Friendly Fireflies

While we were on vacation we saw TONS of fireflies. I haven't seen that many fireflies since I was a child. Bekah loved them. My husband would catch one in his had to show her the bug up close. It was such a memorable experience for all of us, so when I saw this craft on No Time For Flashcards I couldn't wait to do it. I was even more excited when I found the yellow and orange band aids in the dollar store!
This was such a fun craft to do!
First we drew a nighttime scene on our sheet of black construction paper. We talked about how daytime is light out and nighttime is dark out.

Next we added our orange band aids for the fireflies body. This was also a good fine motor skill practice with taking the bandaid out of the wrapping.

We added two yellow band aids for the wings.

We're concentrating!

Here's our three friendly fireflies. Bekah insisted on hanging them up in her bedroom!


  1. I saw this on NTFF too and thought it was so cute...I can't wait to try it with Emily. Bekah did a great job!!!

  2. Thanks....she has such great ideas! We really enjoyed doing this! It's still hanging up in her bedroom!

  3. These little fireflies are too cute! Love em!!!