Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Little Mouse, Little Mouse

We just bought a house and are moving soon, so I've been trying to get Bekah excited about the move. We've borrowed books from the library on moving and one of those books was called "A New House for Mouse", by Petr Horacek. For some reason Bekah was taken with this book as soon as she saw it in the library pile. I remembered a game I had seen in Mailbox Magazine and knew it would go along well with this book.

First I cut house shaped pieces out of different colored felt. You could use whatever colors you have on hand. You could also do this just with paper and not use the felt board.

Put your felt houses on the felt board.

You will also need a cut out of a little mouse. We used the one from the magazine, but you can draw one or use clip art. We then taped a piece of sandpaper on the back of the laminated mouse to keep him from falling out.

Hide your mouse under one of the houses. Say this chant, "Little mouse, little mouse, are you in the (green) house?"

Have your child check under whichever color they pick to see if the mouse is inside. "Hello, little mouse!"

Bekah asked to do this again and again. It was such a fun game to play!

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