Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our Little Inchworm

Well, we finished our letter I activities with this little guy. I found this craft over at Ten Kids and a Dog. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera when we made this, so the only pictures I have are of the finished product.

Bekah's favorite color is now orange, so instead of a green inchworm she wanted an orange one. So, this is our orange inchworm.

It was a very easy craft. You need either a paper towel roll or two toilet paper rolls, a stapler, paint and a paintbrush, googly eyes, and a pipe cleaner for the antenna. We cut the paper towel roll into sections (however big you would like). We then cut all but one piece to make them into little "c's". Then staple them together to make your inchworm and paint. Add googly eyes and antenna when dry.

We also added a smile on our inchworm. Bekah calls him her "happy inchworm".
Also on Ten Kids and a Dog, she recommends the Sesame Street Song, Inchworm, Inchworm. We loved this! Bekah watched it over and over again!
Just a word of warning - While we were watching this on you tube Bekah saw this cute cartoony looking clip. It was called the Happy Inchworm. Sounds harmless, right?! Well, I learned my lesson the hard way.....always preview things before I show them to Bekah. An inchworm was after a leaf when a huge slug came and ate it on him. The inchworm gets angry, so pulls out a rifle to shoot the slug. Boy, was I shocked. I'm hoping Bekah didn't notice. I don't think she really understood (thank goodness). Just a warning to any of you who see the cute little "happy inchworm" while you're on you tube. Other than that our letter I week was very fun!