Friday, August 14, 2009

Gone Fishin'

This is a game I made for Bekah awhile ago. We hadn't had it out for months, so the other day when Bekah was looking for something to do I got it out. She played with it for at least an hour.
It's very easy to make. I simply cut fish shapes out of card stock and wrote a letter on each side. I then put a metal paper clip on the mouth of the fish.

We used a fishing pole from a Melissa and Doug puzzle, but you could also make one out of a wooden dowel, string, and a magnet.

Spread out the fish shapes and have your child go fishing. When Bekah would catch a fish she had to tell us what letter fish she caught. If she couldn't, she had to throw that fish back. We had so much fun!

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  1. How cute! That's a great way to learn the alphabet!