Saturday, January 30, 2010

S is for Snowman

Even though all of our snow has melted, we've been learning that S is for snowman. Now, don't get me isn't warm here. It was warmer for a day or two and is now bitter cold outside. Yuck! Anyhow, today, we made a snowman out of the letter S.
Here's what we used to make our S is for Snowman:
A letter S cut from white construction paper, two black "coal" eyes, one orange carrot nose, two brown twig arms, a top hat with stripe, and blue construction paper to glue it onto.

After I drew and cut out a white letter S, Bekah glued it to a piece of blue construction paper.

Next, Bekah glued on the eyes and carrot nose.

We added the twig arms.

And topped him with a top hat complete with colored stripe.

Here's our finished S is for Snowman:

We have also really been enjoying the printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler. These were so awesome and we had a ton of fun with these printables.


  1. This is really cute. I love the snowman theme!

  2. Hi, thanks for signing up to follow my blog. Praise God for His healing with your thyroid cancer. He is an awesome God! :) You have a cute blog! We do MTM too! <>< Nicole

  3. Thanks so much ladies! Nicole -absolutely, God is so awesome! I am so blessed!

  4. Love the snowman! Very cute! I mentioned one of your penguin ideas in my post yesterday. Thanks for the great ideas!