Monday, January 25, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday ABC's and 123's

The theme for today's Muffin Tin Monday meal was ABC's and 123's. This is what we did:

A - applesauce
B - bananas
C - cupcake (which I removed until after she ate some "real" food.
1 - 1 juice
2 - 2 homemade ham and cheese hot pockets (these are delicious, by the way. You can get the recipe from Our Best Bites.
3 - 3 goldfish crackers

I was so surprised when she ate almost her whole lunch! Yay for Muffin Tin Monday! You can find out what others are doing at Muffin Tin Mom.


  1. The homemade hot pockets look awesome! Great tin.

  2. I had to remove the dessert items, too! :) Turned out great.

  3. I hear you on removing the cupcake until the "real" food gets eaten. Great tin.

  4. i added in "dessert" with the main item today. chocolate chips on top of pbj sammies. that's the only reason my girls asked for seconds.

    i checked out the hotpockets recipe link. it looks great! i'll have to keep that in mind!

  5. Your daughter's face is just full of sparkle- love it!

    (Oh, and thanks for the idea about homemade hot pockets!)

  6. your daughter is too cute! Nice job! :)

  7. Wow those hot pockets look so yummy (I checked out the link). Thank you for sharing! C is for Cupcake is much yummier (is that a word?) them carrots. Love it!