Friday, October 16, 2009

Top Five Friday - These are a few of our favorite things

Yesterday we were surprised with our first snowfall. I came out of Wal Mart singing "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas..." This made me realize that I need to start thinking of Christmas gifts, so I was so happy to see that this weeks Top Five Friday over at Superheroes and Princesses was all about favorite toys. Here are a few of our favorite things:
1.) Rose Petal Cottage - My mom got this for Bekah last Christmas. Bekah plays in this cottage every day. It's really cute and white it is kinda big you can fit the one side into the other when done playing. We don't do this, however. We leave it set up all the time since she plays with it constantly.
Here she is two days after last Christmas playing with Daddy in her Rose Petal Cottage.

2.) Melissa and Doug puzzles. Bekah loves puzzles and these are made so nice. Bekah even still plays with her chunky piece puzzle. She plays veterinarian with the animal pieces. It's cute she takes their blood pressure and gives them their shots. This leads me to our next item...
3.) Doctors kit. This isn't the same one we have, but it's similar. I've had so many check ups by Dr. Bekah this year that I should be very healthy!
4.) Books. Her favorite books are Bob and Otto, The Poky Little Puppy, and anything by Eric Carle.
5.) Webkinz jr. She got the kitty for her birthday and loves him. Now she's asking for the purple monkey. I think they are adorable and love that the website is educational. It also only lets them play for a short time before the pet needs a nap. So cute!
Honorable Mention - Playschools Cool School for the computer. This is another of Bekah's favorite things, so it had to be mentioned. She likes the to do art center on here the best.

On her Christmas list for this year:
Jump Start for the wii. If anyone has this and has any opinions on it, I'd love to hear them. I'm looking for a game for the wii that Bekah could play.
Tools. Since we've bought our house and have been making improvements to it Bekah has loved "working" with Daddy. She wants her own tools so she can help him more.
Games. I'm not sure which ones. I'm thinking of Pictureka, Gator Golf, and I'm still thinking of others.
You can find out what others list as their favorite things at Superheroes and Princesses.


  1. I think the Rose Petal Cottage is the cutest thing. We don't have it, but I know my daughter would love it. We love everything by Eric Carle too - we are actually going to see The Very Hungry Caterpillar on stage this weekend and we are very excited! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I am salivating at that Cottage. I just wish we had space for it. My daughter loves playing doctor a lot - it's so much fun to see her in the middle of her pretend games. Please review the Jumpstart for WII. We have WII, but I am very reluctant to open the pandora box of video games for my daughter just yet.

  3. We love Melissa and Doug puzzles too! We will be doing another toy review next Thursday at My Bilingual Boys, check it out. :) I will post the question about the Jumpstart for Wii. I am curious too! Have a great weekend!