Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rectangle Bat and Shape Searchers Game

Bekah has really taken to Blues Clues videos lately. She really likes the video Blues Clues Shapes and Colors. After watching it last night she was going around the house looking for shapes (especially rectangles for some reason!). I was really excited when I found this cute craft for us to do that uses all rectangles.
This is our rectangle bat.

Please excuse the excess amount of glue. It hadn't dried yet when I took the picture! In the right hand corner I wrote -
1 Large black rectangle
1 medium black rectangle
2 small black rectangles
2 tiny orange rectangles
2 teensy-weensy black rectangles
You could also add 2 small white rectangles for fangs, but I wanted a friendly bat without teeth!

After making our rectangle bat we played a game of shape searchers (inspired by the Blues Clues video).
I cut a square, rectangle, circle, oval, and triangle out of colorful foam.

I then put them in one of Bekah's dress up purses (any bag will do!). Bekah would close her eyes and pull out a shape.

We would search around the room looking for the shape she pulled out.
The easiest shape for us to find were the circles. I was surprised she noticed this circle on her smart cycle.

We had a tricky time finding triangles. We found this one hidden in with her play food.

Squares were also easy to find. Especially when you have a huge black one in your family room!

Can you see the oval in her kitchen sink?

Here's a nice big rectangle that was easy to spot!

We had so much fun playing shape searchers. She's already asking to play again. I think this time I will add in some new shapes. Diamonds, Octagons, Crescents.....

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