Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Spidey the Spider

Look what came into our house today! A HUGE spider!

My daughter named him Spidey. Hahaha! Actually, I found this craft idea over at Mommy Guru.

Yesterday Bekah and I were planting tulip bulbs around our tree when we noticed a big daddy long leg spider. Bekah thought he was hilarious, so when I saw this craft I knew it was one she would absolutely love! We really had a fun time making him.
I told Bekah we were going to make a spider and gave her the paper plate, so she drew a spider on the bottom of the plate. I was so proud of her spider. Isn't he cute!

We also added googly eyes to the bottom of our plate so we could see his face when we hung him up.

Spidey is now hanging in the entrance of our laundry room ready to surprise Daddy.

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