Friday, July 10, 2009

Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly Away Home!

We recently released ladybugs at Bekah's birthday party. I ordered 1500 - yes, I said 1500, ladybugs from an online supplier. That was the smallest amount I found. I was so worried they would all die on me, but it was actually very easy to keep them. We stored 1500 ladybugs in our refrigerator for a few weeks before the party. Every few mornings my husband would reach for the milk and there was a ladybug on the loose in the crisper! They were supposed to stay in a hibernation like state...hmmmm. Anyhow, we got bug cages from the dollar store and divided up the ladybugs between the girls at the party. We had a great time playing with the ladybugs for a little while before letting them go free. Bekah loved to have them crawl on her!

We then set them free. Fly home little ladybugs!

We had to spray the ground with water so the ladybugs could get a drink.

Go, ladybugs, go!

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