Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dinner at McK's

Not too long ago I read a blog where someone had taken a McDonald's Happy Meal and kept it in her pantry for a long time as a sort of experiment. Funny thing is, it did not go moldy or stinky like "normal" food would do. It got hard as a rock because of all the preservatives in it. (sorry, I can't remember what blog it was). After reading that I was ready to give up our McDonald's and opt for something better for us. I saw this idea on Itty Bitty Bistro and immediately knew this is what we would do. They called it "MomDonalds", but we called it "McK's" (because our last name begins with a K). I even included a little prize to find inside the bag.

Overall, it was a success. She didn't like the fries, though. I made them too spicy for her (whoops!). But, overall, I would do it again. She especially loved the little toy inside (of course!).


  1. That's a fun idea. I don't know if I'm ready to give up the convenience of McD's though. It is nice to be able to pick it up and go.

  2. That is so cute...Emily would enjoy this special treat!