Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dog's Colorful Day

Bekah loves books and crafts, so when we have a craft that goes along with a book it's a sure hit. When I saw this craft on Superheroes and Princesses I knew we had to give it a try. Dog's Colorful Day is by Emma Dodd. We were able to get this book at our library, but I have a feeling we'll be adding it to our own collection.

First I drew Dog freehand. He was pretty easty to draw. (Bekah had just woken up, doesn't she look sleepy?!)

Next I found pictures of all the things that give Dog his spots and laminated them. (Sorry, I couldn't get this picture to turn right for me...oh well!)

We then read the book and Bekah added the spots to Dog as the story went on. She couldn't wait to show her Daddy when he got home.

At the end of the book Dog gets a bath, so Bekah wiped off all the spots with her hands. She loved this part!
This was such a wonderful activity!

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