Thursday, March 11, 2010

stART - Is You Mama a Llama?

Our stART project this week was Is Your Mama a Llama by Deborah Guarino. This week we are currently learning all about the letter L, so this book was very fitting. I printed off a llama coloring sheet from here and had Bekah color it.

She then put some glue on the llama and went to town with the cotton balls.

I think it's so funny that she put one on the llama's face. We have the book from the library and also got the Is Your Mama a Llama scholastic video. Bekah loves these videos and watches them over and over. It's fun to enjoy the book in a different way!
You can see what others are doing over at A Mommy's Adventures!


  1. My kids put things on the animals faces too. Very cute. I should check the book out from the library.

  2. I really liked this book, but for whatever reason Anna did not. Maybe we will try again later. This llama looks very fluffy - Bekah did a thorough job!

  3. We'll have to check out the books with Scholastic videos - sounds neat! Love the llama project!