Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Alphabet Match-Up

Sorry I've been MIA. Life has been crazy. We had a wedding shower to be at, our driveway was dug up to repair some electrical lines, and Bekah now has a stomach virus. I'm praying that life calms down for a bit now! Here's a fun activity we did last week:
I saw this activity awhile ago on The Activity Mom and couldn't wait until we had an empty paper towel roll to do it.

We had the alphabet stickers, so I just drew letters all over the paper towel tube and let Bekah match up the letters. She loved doing this and even though she stopped half-way through, she came back to it later on that afternoon.


  1. Love this! Also love your background, the blue and the birds are great!

  2. I love things like this. So easy, but so fun.

  3. Great idea! I'll have to try that! Thanks for following my blog, I'm a follower of yours, too!