Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day - Letter H is for Hearts Week

This week has been filled with hearts! We've been concentrating on the letter Hh (H is for hearts, after all!)

We started off our week making a heart shape guy.

Here's Bekah having fun with heart clappers. (I got these at our Dollar Tree).

We did a craft to the book, I Lost My Kisses.

Bekah has loved getting to use scissors. She was amazed to open up this paper and see that she had cut out a heart! She decorated it afterwards.

I know she's in two different outfits doing this one. We actually did this twice.

Here we are making a yummy treat with heart sprinkles.

Bekah did a sequence with hearts and pom poms.

There are some awesome heart printables at Home Grown Hearts that we used this week.
These are a few of them that we used:

Heart Shape searcher:

Letter H Magnet page (from I made these magnetic pom poms using Erin's directions here:

Heart Addition:

Upper and lowercase H matching:

Other Letter H Activities that we came up with:
We searched for the letter H (upper and lowercase) in magazines. When we found them, we would cut them out and glue them to this big letter H.

Using a hole punch. This was tough for her, but she kept at it!

This is an awesome Hot and Cold file folder game. We hadn't worked on this in awhile, so I took it out again. Bekah loved it even more than last time!

Happy Valentines Day!

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