Friday, December 4, 2009

Candy cane

Bekah went through this season where she didn't want to do any crafts at all. Now, however, she wakes up in the morning and asks what we're going to make. Bekah usually goes to her Grandma and Bampah's (Grandpa in Bekah language) house on Thursday so I can do my shopping (don't I have wonderful in laws!), but I still wanted to have something for her to make. So, I remembered this candy cane craft I had seen on No Time For Flashcards. It was quick and easy to pull together.
All you need is red construction paper, cotton balls, glue, and scissors.

Simply, draw a candy cane on a piece of red construction paper. I used the large construction paper and Bekah thought it was hilarious that our candy cane was so huge!

Drizzle glue on every other space of the candy cane. Have your little one put cotton balls on the glue.

Isn't my little breakfast faced, bedhead so cute!

Let it dry and cut out the candy cane.


  1. The candy cane is so cute! I just love the smile on Bekah's face. It looks like she sure had fun!

  2. It's good to know that anti-crafting phase might end at some point :) This craft is really cute.

  3. I really love this - anything with cotton balls is sure to be a favorite in this house. I know M will want to do this. Thanks for the great idea!

  4. Very cute! In Emily language Grandpa is Campa :0