Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Since Monday was Labor Day and we were over my Mom's house we didn't get to do Muffin Tin Monday. So, today, we had Muffin Tin Wednesday. Why not, right? It was perfect because we were learning about Jellyfish today. I had seen this idea for eatable jellyfish (made from hotdogs and spaghetti), but I can't remember where I had seen it. If any of you know, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due!
In her muffin tin was, hotdog jellyfish, Upper and lowercase J's made out of cheese, Juicy Juice, jellybeans, and letter J cookies.

I simply made these cute jellyfish by sticking uncooked spaghetti noodles in a small piece of hot dog. We then boiled them and there you have jellyfish.

Here's the completed jellyfish.

Bekah loved her lunch!

We also decided to make a jellyfish craft. I got this idea at Homeschool Creations. We took some clear contact paper and cut out a circle. Bekah then took some glitter and sprinkled it on the sticky side of the contact paper.

Fold the contact paper in half and you have a jellyfish body.
We used some clear tape to attach string to the bottom of the jellyfish.

Bekah had so much fun playing with her jellyfish today.


  1. I love that jellyfish hot dog idea! I haven't seen that before.

  2. cute hot dog idea! i had seen an octopus made out of a hot dog(basically you cut the hot dog in half and then cut strips in the end, but leave them attached) and then boil them. it could pass for a jellyfish too!

  3. I LOVE these jellyfish hotdogs! What a great idea!