Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Color of His Own

In a recent trip to our library we got the book, A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni. Bekah has been crazy for chameleons, so I knew she would like this book. We decided to do a craft along with the book.

The book is about a little chameleon who is sad that he doesn't have a color of his own. When he goes on lemon he turns yellow. When he goes into the heather he turns purple. Eventually he meets another chameleon and they decide to go everywhere together so they are always the same color. It was such a sweet book and we have read it over and over again this week.

In our craft, Bekah decided she wanted to put out chameleon friend on a lemon. So, I drew the lemon shape and she colored it in.

Then she colored the chameleon cutout in the same color (we got this from Mailbox magazine, but here's a coloring page you can use. ) We glued the chameleon on top of our lemon. You could put your chameleon on anything your child would like (apple, leaf, etc.)

in our next chameleon craft we used our finger paints. Bekah chose a fingerpaint color and went to town coloring a piece of white paper. She really wasn't sure about the feel of the paint...her expression in this picture is hilarious!

After she had fingerpainted on the plain paper, she added another copy of the chameleon and painted the same color over him. She thought it was funny how he blended in.

We sprinkled on some glitter and let it dry.

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  1. I love this! It would be great if you linked to my stART post...this is a great story and art activity.