Monday, September 27, 2010

Bekah's New Favorite Game

I love all the printables available here on Nick Jr. I saw this Team Umizoomi scavenger hunt and printed it out for us to play some time. It has become Bekah's new favorite thing to do. The one Saturday night we pulled it out and she played it again and again.

Then, as soon as she woke up Sunday morning she wanted to play again. It has become such a fun activity for all 3 of us to play.

She was so surprised to wake up the other morning to find the pieces hidden around our living room. Before Daddy had left for work he hid the scavenger shapes for her to find. She had a blast looking for them!

You can print off this great game here.


  1. How sweet that he left a scavenger hunt for her!

  2. adorable! Thanks for following Ordinary Inspirations. I tried to follow your blog but it didn't let me. I'll be back to try again.

    Traci :-)