Monday, November 23, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday - Thanksgiving

We're back to Muffin Tin Monday after a break last week. Yesterday we had Thanksgiving dinner at my mother-in-law's house, so I thought we'd have some leftover turkey today. Bekah had:
turkey with gravy, smile snacks (because being thankful makes us happy!), apple slices with homemade caramel sauce (love this stuff!), and a cheese turkey.

Here's a little funny fact: Bekah is not a big meat eater, so we call chicken or turkey "dinosaur meat" and she eats it! She loves her "dinosaur meat!" Isn't that funny!

She was so happy to see her muffin tin meal!

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  1. Yum! That's too cute that she'll eat "dinosaur meat!"

  2. Dinosuar meat sounds good to me! Nice tin!

  3. So fun!! I packed lunch with these same picks and muffin cup liners this past week. I put chese in the cup, skewered some hard salami slices with the picks, and drew some little notes on crackers (with edible markers) with notes like "gobble gobble!" for my daughter's school lunches : )

    We may have to try out some dinosaur meat around here -- looking forward to lots of it on Thursday!! : )

  4. ahhhh that is hilarious! B won't eat meat either except for a chicken nugget. I might try to tell B that it is dino meat. =)

  5. Yeah, it's funny, but it really works! She especially has taken to the drumstick, because we call that a dinosaur bone! Hahahaha! The things we do to get our kids to eat!

  6. that's so cute! dinosaur meat....I love your pumpkin pick and liners too!, so cute!