Friday, June 26, 2009

Love for Music

Daddy and Bekah "practicing" violin.

Since my husband and I are both professional musicians we really wanted to instill a love of music into our daughter. We won't push her to become a musician herself, but want her to at least appreciate and enjoy it. Bekah has been around music since she was in the womb. I was a K-5 music teacher when I was pregnant. We really work to introduce different styles of music to her. I wanted to share some of our favorite cd's and dvd's which help us do this.

We LOVE Laurie Berkner cd's. Our favorite right now is Buzz Buzz. Bekah goes around the house singing songs like "The Pretzel Song", "These Are My Glasses", and "Chocolate Ice Cream". What's even better, I like the songs too. There's something about Laurie Berkner's voice - it's so easy to listen to.

We also love classical music. My husband and I are classically trained, so we listen to it quite a bit. The best way to introduce classical music is through Baby Einstein dvd's. Bekah is going to be 3 and still watches them! We recently went to my husbands orchestra concert and when a song by Mozart started she exclaimed, "Baby Kangaroo!" She was so excited! We love all of them, she really doesn't have a favorite.

If your child likes Sesame Street, they also have wonderful music products. Our favorite kid's classical cd is Elmo and the Orchestra and our favorite musical dvd is Elmo's Musical Adventure: Peter and the Wolf.

Here's Bekah listening to a Vivaldi cello concerto on my husband's IPod. (Note - it's turned down almost all the way)

A great way to try new cd's is to visit your local library. Ours has a great children's section and we've tried many cd's this way. One winner we've found was this cd, Jazz For Kids. It's a cd of great jazz musicians singing children's songs (Ella Fitzgerald sings Old MacDonald Had a Farm). It was a hit right from the first song.

Anyway you go about doing it, it's so important to introduce your child to different styles of music. It will give them a lifetime of musical enjoyment. What's your child's favorite music?


  1. Hi. Great post, and wonderful blog. Such positive energy.

    Music (and especially classical) can be so enriching, in so many ways. This is especially true w/ young and hungry minds!

    Blake sent us his story a while back, telling of his "aha moment" when he realized he could pass his love of classical music on to kids. Check it out here:

    mike@ahamoment,com/ mutual of omaha

  2. Yay for music teachers! (Although I'm a little biased because I'm a music teacher myself!)