Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Playing with Baby

Sarah is now 6 months old! I don't know where this 1/2 of a year has gone! She is such a joyful baby, we feel so blessed.

Now that she's 6 months she's able to do so much more that just sit and stare at us. She's rolling over, scooting herself across the floor, babbling, giggling, and more.
All of this activity caused me to look into some fun things I could do with her. I got The Baby's Game Book by Isabel Wilner and Sam Williams from our local library. We've been having so much fun trying out the different "games" in this book. Sarah especially loves the knee ride games.

Her favorite one is this:
(Bounce the baby on your knee)
Trot, trot, trot.
Go and never stop.
Trudge along, my little pony,
Where it's rough and where it's stony.
Go and never stop.
Trot, trot, trot, trot, trot.

The picture above was taken when we were doing this little knee ride/chant together. She giggles so much!

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