Monday, April 4, 2011

Love's Power to Multiply

I asked for Stacy's permission to make a guest post on here. I'm grateful for the opportunity, especially because of the topic that I get to write about.

If you have read even one post on this blog, you would be able to see that Stacy is a very special woman. She is smart, creative, and one of the kindest, most giving people I know. Alright, I admit that I am quite partial. We have been married for nearly seven years, and it has been a real joy. No, we are not perfect, but perfect for each other and very much in love.

Honestly, when our first daughter, Bekah arrived, I thought that having children would compete with Stacy's affection for me and mine for her. The opposite happened - our love grew. I admire Stacy so much more as a result of sharing the wonderful adventure we call parenting.

When we became blessed with our second daughter, Sarah, love multiplied in our household once again. There some doubts about how Bekah would react to a baby sister. Would she be jealous or resentful? While there are times that Bekah craves attention from us (often at inopportune times, like Sarah crying for a bottle or needing a diaper change), she has adjusted very well. She loves her little sister. We can tell from the many moments of tenderness shared between our girls. One such moment is shown in this photo that we took a few weeks ago. It just melted our hearts.

Thank you for reading and God bless you.


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